Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?.. August 28th 2019

Nice, Cote d’Azur where have you been all my life?

Welcome back to Travelogues by Ken..A little background first. Planning this trip had caused me great pain because every two years I feel the need to make a pilgrimage to my favorite city in the world.. Barcelona ( after San Diego of course)… However this year we decided that it was time to see something else in France other than Paris. What was so painful is to know we would fly over Barcelona ( twice), land and take off at it’s airport, yet never touch foot in the magical city. In the Rock, Paper, and Scissors of Destination planning, Barca came out on the short end in favor of another return trip to Sitges.. which was quite fabulous. However the hurt and possible regret lingered all the way, until that is, 1:03pm today when our taxi started driving out of Nice Airport.

From the moment we exited the airport, the natural and man made beauty of this city was squarely in our view. The airport is a mere 4 kilometers to the city center so the bike and running paths of the Promenade come right to the planes. To be frank, my choice of Nice was based on it’s close proximity to the glamour spots of the French Riviera. I hadnt really expected a lot out of the city itself. This is a bit scary. We have our trip in front of us, but there is a possibility Barcelona could have competition for my first love. Since we have never been here, I plan to blog my experiences as before. 1st day pics to follow..

I better start learning French quick!

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