S.P.L.I.T! … First Impressions .. July 27th 2018

If you have ever been set up on a date… You know, THE DATE.. with the hottest, most popular, insanely sexy person you ever saw… and on top of it, you had checked out their profile, saw who they knew, checked out what kind of food and movies and music they liked, and on top of that, all your friends who knew the person said you were gonna love them… Well, there you go… welcome to our date with Croatia! Talk about serious expectations and options for letdowns. You just never know how someone is until after you’ve had a chance to spend some time with them in person.

So for over 10 years Croatia has been on our bucket list ( seriously since Matt Lauer came here in 2005 on the Today show), but because of this or that, it just hasnt materialized. This trip was really about Croatia, but with it so much in the news ( World Cup) and so many of our friends having alrready been, I felt it would have been “Destination Too Easy” and since I knew I’ve always wanted to see Belgrade ( even before Croatia), it made more sense for the game.

But here we are and let’s say the first 36 hours have us ready for not only a second date, but we are way past second base this town is so sexy. But as always, after spending time, you always find out a little of this and a little of that… you know, their past or their family… I intend to find out all the juicy details and share. But for first impressions, the coastal setting on the Dalmatian Coast is pretty spectacular. There was an immediate strong connection to Sitges south of Barcelona we go to, but different in that it’s not about the beaches as much as Spain, but more about the coastal beauty and playground.

We are also planning to set out on many sidetrips using Split as our hub city for the next week. So sit back and hope you enjoy the journey along with us. The attached pics are overhead views as we are coming in for landing. Just to give you a layout of the land and sea. Cheers

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