D.U.B.R.O.V.N.I.K “Pearl Of The Adriatic” .. July 30th 2018

And what a jewel it is. Probably the best known Croatian city by Western culture, you dont have to blink twice to get it from the moment you first lay eyes on it. Just a few little facts as you peruse this gorgeous gem.. Dubrovnik was it’s own Republic for quite some time. It has an amazing storied history of both success and domination and war. Seems they all do in these parts. But this city is definitely different. It has always been successful city which is probably why so many have tried to get it, all the way up to the 90s seige by the Serbs and Montenegrans. But the city has thrived and survived and now it flourishes as much as ever.

Our 4 hour ride down went through some amazing and beautiful coastlines and included the 10 kilometer sliver of Bosnia Herzegovina that you enter and exit. We will do a more intentional Bosnia trip tomorrow. Meanwhile, I have to gloat.. On the trip down when we were just crossing the border, our tour guide is telling all the history etc. Then he suddenly asks if anyone on the bus (40 ish people) could name the original 5 Republics from Yugoslavia and then the final 7. He buy them a beer at the first stop. I looked around and nobody raised their hand so I did. And yes I rattled them off and then the final two.. He looked dumbfounded, asked where I was from again and of course I said San Diego where they teach this to us. Well they do if you pay attention to world events… Here’s the gloat.. Tourguide said NO One, has ever given him all seven correctly in order. There ya go, representing San Diego and the US well! Oh and I traded the beer for a Latte.. morning you know…

First the pics of the ride there thru some beautiful scenery

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