C.A.N.N.E.S!.. August 31st 2019

And for those of you that wonder it is pronounced “Kan” with a hard N at the end… This seaside resort of 75,000 or so people has a much outsize International reputation for lifestyles of the rich and famous. Not quite Monaco, but surely you wouldn’t be surprised to catch George and Amal or Julia and Madonna or … sitting at a seaside chic cafe nursing a spritz..

The trip to the town is just a quick 20 min train ride from Nice and as easy as can be. You are dropped right in the middle of town ( make sure to take the correct Cannes stop as there are two). It is a lovely walkable city but.. there is a higher sense of glitter and tourism ( there was a massive, and I mean massive) cruise ship anchored and the town was filled with boat people. It does have a cute old town that winds it’s way a bit away from the main streets of the Rich and famous. The film festival which is held all over town in May is centered on their version of the Promenade in Nice called La Croisette.

I’m glad we chose to just do a day trip as I think the town would have been too compact for Tommy and I to enjoy for an extended stay. That said it drips of glamour as everything from Armani to JimmyChoo to Prada oozes from the rafters. There are endless private beach clubs but they also had one thing that Nice doesnt have, and that is an actually sandy beach versus pebbled one. Although we didnt go to the beach, I think beach goers might enjoy that more.

Best of all, I found the Cöté d’Azur affiliate of my company Sotheby’s International Realty. Always so cool to see what $5M- $50M can buy you in the French Riviera!

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