August 19th 2019

So… See there is always a Choice for how you react… We were grateful that the airlines and airtraffic control took safety as the most important thing which caused all the delays and missed flights… BUT because we had Soooo much time sitting on the runway in Boston, my little travel agent Tommy got on the phone with Delta. The automatic computer had rebooked us tomorrow morning but it didnt have Tommy to guide it.. Instead, he got us rebooked to San Francisco tonight whose flight was also delayed in landing which allowed us to switch.. and this flight has LAY DOWN beds ( Score 1).. Then got us booked to SD via LAX and we get there at 9:30am.. go home, pack the other suitcase in case our suitcases don’t arrive, and we are back as the airport by 11am for our flight to SLC with only an hour layover ( Score 2) and we take a flight to Paris which is 2 hours longer than our original flight so we can actually watch movies, eat dinner and dessert and fully sleep ( Score 3) and then take a direct flight into Barcelona so we dont have to do that Madrid train thing after landing and can go right to the beach ( Score 4). There is always a Choice in how to look at things 

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