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martin and milan

A real estate transaction is a complicated matter that puts much at stake and tests a household in many ways.  It’s not only one of the largest financial transactions most people will take on, but the endeavor is also very emotionally draining.  The long list of things that a seller must do to put a home on the market can be overwhelming and trying to sell in the midst of a pandemic only adds insult to injury.  After an excruciating month of having our home listed on the MLS through a discount brokerage, we garnered nothing but frustration and disappointment.  We had no choice but to continue suffering or restrategize our approach.  We decided to ditch the discount broker and go with the best of the best, which required some research.  The Ken Pecus Group of Compass kept surfacing through our search and, after a phone consultation and a safely conducted home visit, we’d found our saving grace in Ken Pecus.  

Ken is a long-time career real estate broker and agent with excellent connections and a CV that impresses those who deal in high-end transactions.  He sells top properties in and around San Diego with a group of professionals who provide full service in all aspects of real estate.  Every time our home was viewed, Ken or one of his team members were there to show the home and answer questions on the spot.  They learn your property inside and out so they know what its best features are and they use those features to sell your home.  Do you need to conduct transactions that aren’t familiar to you?  They’re there every step of the way.  Do you need to be talked off the ledge?  They helped us with that too.  In short, Ken Pecus Group will do all the work.  In fact, if your house isn’t presentable and needs a little help to show just right, Ken’s concierge service can provide a designer to help you get your home presentable.  When you pick Ken Pecus Group to do the work, you are connecting yourself to a vast and valuable network of people who know everything there is to know about getting the deal done right – and doing it safely is foremost during this time of coronavirus.

After our original experience with the discount broker, working with Ken Pecus Group was awesome.  Just weeks after securing Ken Pecus Group, we had offers to consider and ended up accepting one right at where we valued our home.  The escrow process closed with no issues and we immediately received our proceeds.  Once we were freed from the shackles of that first broker, everything fell into place because the Ken Pecus Group knows exactly what to do to get your house sold.  Ken’s team truly provides white glove service.  They are positive, responsive, knowledgeable, and professional.  We couldn’t be more satisfied with our decision to trust Ken and we are grateful to his group for pulling us out of the quicksand and setting us back on solid ground.

We learned a lot from this experience.  Avoid a discount brokerage; they will gladly take your listing, promptly put a lock box on your door, have you download an app on your phone, and wish you luck in getting people to view your home.  We learned the hard way that houses do not sell themselves.  Going with a full service brokerage will actually get you top dollar in the end and save you a thousand headaches.  Pick the right team of professionals and let them do the work.   Our lives have been enriched by our affiliation with the awesome people of Ken Pecus Group – they really do care.  Don’t make the mistake we did.  Start with the best and end with top dollar results.  

– Martin and Milan

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