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DRE #02223901

Lamia Khorshid was born in Egypt and migrated with her family to the U.S. when she was eight years old, a move her parents made in search of a better life for their family, in terms of education, freedom, and career opportunities. She values this part of her early childhood, which has formed all the decisions she has made, and makes her who she is today.  She grew up in Miami, Florida, a city rich in culture and diversity, and then moved to San Diego later in her adult life, falling in love with the West Coast, the beautiful weather, the beaches, and the mountainous landscapes.

 She holds a Bachelor of Architecture (1999) and a Master of Fine Arts (2007) from the University of Miami.  As a result of her background and work in architecture, design, and construction management, part of what makes her unique as a real estate agent is that she understands how buildings and homes are built, how to read plans and construction documents, the inspection process, city building codes, the permitting process, and urban planning strategies, all of which apply to the real estate market. 

Her passion for photography and the arts led her to establish her professional art practice.  Her photography work has been exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide, and purchased by collectors. 

Her interest in the built environment and her previous work in project management led her to grow a thriving HOA management business in San Diego.  As a result, she understands everything HOA related, which includes, but is not limited to, HOA documents, the escrow process of HOA demand requests, the application process for HOAs to qualify for VA approval, HOA financials and Reserve Study Reports, all of which apply to the real estate market, and contribute to various ways in which she can assist buyers and sellers through the transaction process.  

Lamia enjoys traveling to Italy, watching Italian films, seeing art exhibits, cooking, eating well, working out, taking long walks on the beach, and spending time with family and friends.