Our Team


You’ve all heard of that guy who you just want to sit down and have a beer with, right? Politicians have almost made it an art form to try and be THAT guy. Well, meet Anthony “Mac” Macaluso and, in our view, Anthony IS THAT guy that they all want to be. Anthony is the kind of person you just want to hang out with, shoot the breeze, or depending on your style, have that beer or glass of wine while you discuss the world around. Even better than being just THAT guy, he’s the one you want to sit down with and design a plan to build your real estate portfolio.

Having grown up in San Diego on the beach (Leucadia in North County), there is an easiness about Anthony that gives you the confidence to know he’s all about the moment at hand. His life adventures have taken him to the University of Colorado – Boulder, where he graduated in 1994, with a degree in Kinesiology. Upon graduation, he quickly put that degree into use as he became legendary in the Fitness Industry for running uber successful athletic clubs and spas. His various projects allowed him to get a taste of different settings from San Antonio, to up and down the West Coast (LA, SF and SEA). This led a natural progression to the real estate industry because of the many parallels of relationship-based sales, client care and negotiating.

With his real estate career, Anthony has continued to excel where he always has - that being creating a business structure where he is not only the agent, but also part counselor, part life coach and part mentor. His experience and travels have put him in a unique position to be able to listen, empathize, and provide direct and unfiltered expert recommendations for real estate transactions. His life-long knowledge of San Diego has been an incredible asset that allows him to really offer a wide array of locational options, as well.

In his personal time, you can find Anthony doing what he truly loves: bike riding, paddle boarding, hiking and working out! He also enjoys traveling, whether to Hawaii or Napa or closer home to Palm Springs! He loves exploring new culinary adventures but when push comes to shove, it is hard to beat his main go to, La Especial Norte in his Leucadia hometown…  Ok, you can probably push him into a little Island Prime or Piacere Mio if you twist his arm!