Richard & Jo-Anne Buccigross – North Mission Hills

Ken was WONDERFUL! He sold our house within the time frame he predicted it would take. He was responsive to all our questions and VERY sensitive to how stressful it is to put one’s home on the market and have strangers traipse through it. He knows the area where our house was EXTREMELY well, and we were, from the outset, confident in his abilities. Additionally, his support staff is terrific.

Our home, though beautiful, was not for everyone, and Ken found a buyer who fell in love with it (all you need for a sale is ONE person who loves your home). He was able to skillfully walk us through all the steps to bring the offer to the desired conclusion and is, truly, a skilled negotiator. He’s very calm and, at the same time, determined to bring the process to a successful conclusion in which both parties feel that everything was fairly handled.

I always had the feeling that Ken loves what he does. He’s funny and upbeat. I enjoyed working with him. He has a lot of people skills. I need to add that my husband and I are not the easiest people in the world because we are so particular.

In short, I wholeheartedly recommend him. He’s terrific!